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If you're already quoting with a spreadsheet, there's an easy way to add online quotes to your website

How to get started with Calc123

The more quotes you create, the more opportunities your business has for closing the sale and winning the deal. Quotes create hot leads that are easier to convert.

How you service more hot leads means either increasing backoffice resources or optimising your value chain.

Let us show you how Calc123 can really optimise your sales and marketing funnel. If you have a specific scenario for scaling your spreadsheets, we'd love to know about it.

Send us a few short details and we'll arrange a demo to show you Calc123 running in your business.

Get started

Request a demo and our team will set up your Calc123 proof of concept account. We'll analyse your spreadsheet and create an online calculator that you can load directly onto your website.

When you need to review your rates, simply update the spreadsheet and load it into Calc123 and your online pricing will be updated within a few short moments.

That's it!

Less Waiting, More Quotes -
quote more in less time

Spend less time behind a desk writing quotes. End the backlog of requests for quotes and get more quotes out the door faster.

Get to the buying decision faster with prospects and clients by getting quotes in their hands sooner.

When you create quotes faster, your sales and profits soar.

Automated, Reliability -
certainty for your quotes

When you automate quoting, you streamline your lead generation and list building. Helping you to avoid confusion or misunderstandings about dates or quoted prices. Using technology to keep track of every quote, you get verifiable customer details and timestamps for your quotes.

When you create quotes automatically, your quotes are indisputable.

Anywhere, Anytime -
weekends, holidays and after-hours quoting

Calc123 is built in The Cloud to give you anywhere, anytime quoting for your proposals and pre-sales processes. Give your customers control to create their own quotes and do business around the clock - 24x7. 365 days a year.

When you create quotes all the time, you get more opportunities.

More Quotes, More Wins -
more quotes equals more sales

The more quotes you create, the more opportunities your business has for closing the sale and winning the deal. Quotes generate hot leads that are easier to convert, that want what you sell.

When you create more quotes, you close more sales.

Impress, Wow Customers -
quotes that create a great first impression

Start your customer journey right, with a professional quote that's efficiently delivered and creates a positive customer experience. Professional quotes positively influence the buying decision to make conversion easier. Building your brand and reputation from the very beginning to exceed customer expectations and encourage loyalty.

When you create professional quotes, you win more new business.

Ultimate Pricing Control, DIY -
latest pricing always for your quotes

By controlling your Online Quoting form with a spreadsheet, YOU have the ultimate control. Change and updating pricing as often and whenever you want. Quotes generated by your Online Quote form instantly adjust to the new pricing.

When you control quote pricing, you make profits with bigger margins.

In the last 30 days, Calc123 helped clients deliver more than 95,000 quotes | acquire more than 1,000 new customers | generate more than $1,400,000 in revenue 

Sales & Marketing Managers

Respond to market demands. Test new concepts. Up and running in days.

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IT & Operations Managers

Secure and scalable. Simple RESTful API. Designed with integration in mind.

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Enterprise Business Managers

Business solutions built for the enterprise and managed by the business.

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Your Business of Tomorrow
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Spreadsheet Driven Online Quote Forms

Quick, Easy, No Developers Needed

The growing number of businesses that have turned to Calc123

Property Investors

You're already familiar with using Excel and now, with Calc123, you can share your calculations and data with thousands of people – securely over the web.

When you’re updating and sharing spreadsheets every day that are too big to send by email, too difficult for others to use and too easy to make unauthorised changes – how can you trust that the right version is being used when the wrong calculations can cost your company millions of dollars?

Calc123 solves these problems and our goal is simple...

To provide the systems and tools that deliver the most innovative and connected Excel-powered SaaS applications and, in doing so, unlock the true potential for your Sales, Operations and Business Managers.

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