About Us

Calc123 is here to support the revolution that says "No to Databases!"

The revolution that gets the web guys, developers, nerds and code-monkeys out of your way. Where you and your spreadsheet are in control, calling the shots and getting stuff online fast.

For too long, you have been denied. Prevented from getting your estimating, quoting, calculating spreadsheet working smarter on your website.

Stopped from having a quoting form, rating calculator or estimating engine by IT nerds who insist on putting your spreadsheet into a database.

A database that will take away your access to your numbers, formula and algorithms. One that only the IT wizards are allowed to update (when they have time).

But no more!

Calc123 was born from the frustration of everyday people, just like you. From a desire to hold on to the amazing smarts that are spreadsheets and make them even more powerful.

Calc123 is an engine that runs your calculation spreadsheets in The Cloud.

Using your existing price lists, rating tables and estimating calculations that happily live in spreadsheets and giving them a new life as part of your website.


About Us... The Team

We're comfortable with being the geniuses behind the scenes, but sometimes people want to know about who we are.

About Us the team at Calc123. Luce Chandon, Wong Kin Lok, Trevor Knoll

A bunch of rebellious geeks - from left to right. Luce Chandon, Kin Lok Wong and Trevor Knoll.