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No Programming, No Coding

Making a website calculator just got finger snappingly easy!

Calc123 is calculation engine that sits in the Cloud. Upload your Excel spreadsheet with your special numbers (whether that's pricing for quotes, rates to be evaluated, formula to be calculated, whatever you want) and Calc123 automatically works out the right answers and information to display.

From super simple to ultra complex spreadsheets, Calc123 can handle it and get the result computed incredibly fast. So your website visitors won't have to wonder "if this thing is working?".

The Calc123 team even help you get the entry form and results pages into your website. Building the entry form and results page for you or working with your webmaster or IT guy to help them get it done as quickly as possible.

Forget Cold Calling and Cold Leads

Every time someone uses your website calculator, Calc123 will email you that person's details.

Now you're automatically generating your own "warm" leads from your website. Giving you a better than fighting change to convert these new leads into real customers.

It's up to you whether you want to email or phone your new leads right away or put them into an automated marketing follow-up sequence.

There's even a backup plan in case you miss the original Calc123 lead email, just for that added sense that you really are protected and have got it all covered.

Plus if you don't know how to get that automated marketing follow-up sequence set-up? That's OK to because the Calc123 team can get one of those going for you as well!

Your Entrepreneurial Secret Weapon

Your Calc123 account has a simple easy to use spreadsheet management screen, where you upload and manage your own spreadsheets.

Click to upload a new version. Click to roll back to a previous version. You have total control.

That means you can update your rates, prices or formula as often as you like... and the change is instant in your website calculator.

Imagine the serious competitive advantage you get when your website calculator is able to instantly respond to changes in business conditions; whether that's -

  • currency exchange rates;
  • competitor advertising campaigns;
  • new taxes or levies;
  • fluctuating supplier costs;
  • turbulent economic circumstances; or
  • whatever is currently challenging your business to keep up with the pace of change.

Calc123 gives you the ability to respond quickly and keep healthy margins.

The time for waiting for your website developer or IT guy to get around to you and your change requests is finally over!

Now you have the ultimate control.

Set and Forget Calculation Service

It's a busy world out there and pretty much everyone needs all the extra pairs of hands they can get.

You really can set up Calc123 and leave it to run on your website; 24 x 7 no matter how many people bombard your website calculator, you're covered.

The beauty of Calc123 being a Cloud service is that you never ever have to worry about hardware or software updates. That's all done for you and the team also stays up all hours worrying about things like response times, server load, denial of service attacks, exploits and vulnerabilities and all manner of hideous hacker type things... So that you don't have to.

If this is all sounding great and giving you that fuzzy warm feeling that comes with seeing new possibilities suddenly burst into reality, then let's talk...

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Calc123 Pricing

Calc123 pricing starts at $80 per month... A small price to pay for turning your website traffic into warm leads!

The average acquisition cost in most industries is on the rise, with competition across all channels (in our new "omni-channel" world) increasing everyday.

Entrepreneur Magazine did some market research and found that some industries pay a lot more than you'd expect for new leads that convert to a customer.

The Average Cost per Customer Acquisition by Industry

As published by Entrepreneur Magazine 14 Jan 2013.

IndustryAve. Acquisition Cost
Software & Apps$395.00
Real Estate$213.00
PR Media$190.00
Hardware & IT$182.00
Financial Services$175.00
Not for Profit$151.00
Professional Services$115.00
Transport Logistics$98.00

Build some certainty into your lead generation and pre-sales nurturing with Calc123 driving your website calculator.

Use the "Request a Callback" form below or call the team to arrange a Proof of Concept demonstration with your spreadsheet and get personalised pricing for your needs.

Getting Your Website Calculator

The fastest way to find out if this is for you is to give the team a call.

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A quick conversation will help you decide if this is going to be the thing that solves your particular website calculator problem.

The team have already had to answer some pretty "curly" questions about spreadsheets, complex formula plus a whole bunch of other stuff, and are up to the challenge.

If you're not in Australia or a bit shy... send through your contact details using the form on this page and the team will get in touch with you to arrange a call or send you an email.

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