5 Ways Calc123 Will Improve Your Business with Excel Calculations

Using Excel calculations to input data and receive results is a process required to reach peak success with your business. This process can be the difference between closing a deal and losing a lead.

Calc123 optimises this process to make it easy for you and your potential (and existing) clients, allowing you to improve your business along the way. In this post we highlight the top 5 benefits that excite us about this new technology.

5. Easy & Smooth

Why complicate the process by loading people up with numbers that only your IT guys need to know?

Calc123 removes the need for everyone to see your Excel calculations. It allows the user to focus solely on their objective when searching your site, getting the answers they need sooner.

easy and smooth user experience, prospect and lead nurturing. Improve Your Business with excel calculcations


4. Internal Communications

Your employees need an easy process to access information that allows them to access your company’s excel calculations. Not everyone in your company needs to access the original excel document that makes your company successful.

Calc123 offers a webpage form unique for your company that streamlines the process of crunching numbers made easy to enhance time management. Letting your employees focus on what they do best without getting bogged down in numbers.

Improve Your Business with time efficient, positive and effective team work and excel calculations

3. User Experience

Prospects visit your site with an objective to find answers.

The user experience of your site is important through the conversion process as it is the main source of information that your prospects can access.

Calc123’s easy-to-use form converts your visitors into leads, enhancing your ability to nurture them through their buyer’s journey.

prospect and lead nurturing through website user experience. Improve your business with excel calculations

2. Guard Your Secrets

Calc123 allows employees and clients to access data information without ever needing to see the original excel spreadsheet and calculations. With the new threats to cyber security, you have to do what you can to protect your work. Not only does this make it easier for your employees but it also protects your calculations that make your business successful.

Competitors will have a hard time discovering your calculations when the excel spreadsheet is protected by Calc123.

Improve your business with Excel Calculations. Competitors, protect data

1. Brand Personality

While data management doesn’t evoke immediate feelings of creativity, the way the data is produced and displayed creates a lasting impression of your company’s brand personality.

Your brand personality is the quality that steps your lead into a customer.

Calc123’s unique webpage is catered to communicate your brand personality to your prospects.

PrixCar excel calculations. Improve your business
Webpage form on the PrixCar Website, created through Calc123.

Now you know how calc123 will improve your business, request a demo today!


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