Solutions for Enterprise Business Managers

Streamline your Team Workflow

If you have ever experienced sharing an Excel file with your team and business partners, you'll know that version control can be a pain.

In Excel, every small adjustment impacts your bottom line, so you need be sure that everyone are using the “right” version.

Put an end to your versioning problems. Calc123 centralises access to your spreadsheets allows managers to control user rights much more easily through your website.

Integrate Excel with your IT Systems

Calc123 scales to the Enterprise level, giving you an open, integrated, scalable, secure way of harnessing Excel spreadsheets both within and outside of your organisation.

It is not unusual to find organisations that have invested in enterprise software still heavily reliant on Excel spreadsheets.


No More Sharing Excel Files

By uploading your spreadsheets into Calc123, you can have all your files centralised in a controlled environment.

Managers have the capability to assign user rights to individual team members, controlling who can upload, download, and delete spreadsheets.

For everyone else, you authorise who gets access to the information contained in the spreadsheet without giving them access to the actual spreadsheet.

On top of this, Calc123 lets authorised users select the final versions as the "active" file, to ensure that only the approved versions are made available to end-users online, on their website or via the API.

Growth Hacking with Spreadsheets

Calc123 makes Excel instantly accessible via a standard API that can be called from internal or external 3rd party IT systems. This creates the power to transform spreadsheets into an unrivalled data processing system that can be seamlessly integrated into many cloud-based agile and enterprise systems.

Build online quoting systems as simple or as complex as your business can handle.

Calc123 has been engineered for growth.