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Estimate your monthly Calc123 charges using our own interactive pricing calculator.

The calculator allows you to estimate the total Calc123 charges based on the number of visitors who are likely to be interacting with your calculators.

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Understanding Calc123 Pricing

Calculating Calculations

Whenever someone uses your form or calculator, we count that as one calculation. It doesn’t matter how complicated your spreadsheet or algorithms are. When someone enters data into your form or calculator and clicks the button – that’s counted as one calculation. Important fact – we capture every single submission and send it through to you so you can keep your own count too.

Estimating the Number of Calculations

The volume of website traffic you get can be a good indication of how many calculations you are likely to need per month. For example, if your website gets 1,000 visitors per month you might estimate that 1 in 4 visitors will use your new calculator, so that would be 250 calculations per month.

If your website is brand new and doesn’t have any website traffic numbers to go on, then consider using the number of phone calls your business gets, as your guide.

Flexible Pay for Use Pricing

To prevent you from being locked in to a fixed price contract, our pricing is pay for use. With Calc123 you only pay for what gets used, making Calc123 the ideal solution for those on a tight budget, with new websites just getting started or anyone wanting to test a new idea.

Getting Started with Calc123 and What to Do Next…

Unsure of what to do next? Our team will help you get your spreadsheet up, tested and working for your website or page. Ask us how