SaaS-powered Excel Spreadsheet Cloud Services

You can now turn your spreadsheet into a revenue-generating cloud service.

Many businesses regularly turn to excel for quoting and rating, using unique calculations to provide unique insights tor stakeholders, customers and prospects.

The financial information and formulae contained in spreadsheets are your closely guarded secrets that keep your businesses competitive.

When you're frequently updating and sharing spreadsheets that are too big to send by email, too difficult for others to use and too easy to modify – how can you trust that the right file is being used when wrong calculations can cost your company millions of dollars?

And, once shared, how do you control access to your secret pricing formula – out there in the public domain – available to business partners, customers as well as competitors?

Calc123 is a multi-tenanted, cloud-based software as a service that makes Excel spreadsheets run securely online, giving access to as many people as you want, without ever sharing or losing control of the file.

Instead of sharing the spreadsheet file, Calc123 provides access to the spreadsheet’s calculation capabilities via a comprehensive set of web services.

Access your Excel Formulae from Anywhere

While Excel is essentially a single-user tool this means your Excel spreadsheet must be made available to everyone you need to share information and data with.

But how do you do this whilst still protecting the significant investment in intellectual property that has gone into your formulae.

Calc123 provides global access to the results of your calculations, without revealing proprietary formulae and rules contained within your spreadsheets.

With Calc123, your spreadsheets are available as SaaS web services that can be accessed by web sites and other SaaS systems.

Calc123 is the ideal platform to build calculators, data analysers and report generators for your website, using Excel.

Use Excel Everywhere

There are an estimated 1.2 billion Excel users worldwide.

Used widely in financially activity globally, users define custom formulae to calculate anything from a simple quarterly forecast to a full corporate annual report. The flexibility makes Excel highly appealing.

Excel is also used widely for organising common information and tracking almost everything like sales leads, project status reports, contact lists, and invoicing.

As a tool for scientific and statistical analysis, Excel's built-in statistical formulae and graphing help researchers perform variance analysis, chi-square testing, and chart complex data without the need to call on software developers.

But, when compared to the (more than) 3.4 billion people on the web, it also means more than 2 billion people may never have access to Excel.

When Excel is your preferred business software, and your market does not have access it, how do you make your spreadsheet available to your customers and business partners?

Powerful Excel Cloud Services and Custom Calculators that Work Like Magic

Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.

Arthur C. Clarke's Third Law

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Calc123 Work?
A spreadsheet is loaded into the system through the Management Console with an easy-to-use interface.

Once loaded, the system analyses the spreadsheet to confirm all available input and output cells. This process is used to help the system define the possible cells that are to be made accessible via web services.

If a cell is not identified as either an input cell or an output cell, it will not be available through the web service interface.

Calc123 web services are “RESTful” and follow a simple request/response protocol.

Sending specific input values as part of a web service call will cause the system to programmatically enter the values into the relevant input cells, perform the calculation and return the set of calculated values from predetermined output cells.

The calculations themselves take a fraction of a second.

How are Input and Output fields identified?

During initial analysis of the spreadsheet, the system performs a scan of each cell to identify Named Ranges containing the prefixes “In_” and “Out_”.

  • Cells prefixed with “In_” define possible input locations.
  • Cells prefixed with “Out_” refer to those that will contain the results of the calculations.

So, simply setting a cell’s name so that it starts with either “In_” or “Out_” is sufficient to tall the Calc123 which cells will receive it’s values via web services and which cells to use to determine calculated values.

What technical knowledge do I need in order to work with Calc123?

Input and output messages are based on well-defined JSON structures.

Messages are sent as HTTP POST requests to a predefined URL. This URL is unique to each spreadsheet loaded in the system.

If you have a grasp of parsing JSON and using the HTTP POST protocol, then there is a very good chance you’ll find it easy to work with Calc123.

My company has a number of different spreadsheets. Can I load more than one spreadsheet?


As a Calc123 customer, you can load as many spreadsheets as they like.

The fee is calculated based on aggregate calculations per customer regardless of the number of spreadsheets loaded.

What involvement will I need from Semantia?

Apart from an initial provisioning and onboarding, virtually none.

We have developed (and continue developing) the system with ease of use in mind.

Is support available?


The platform has been designed as a high-availability cluster with 99.99% uptime – backed by the Semantia support team. You monthly fee covers operational support and maintenance and keeps the service running.

We can also provide software development support for bespoke applications that make use of the Calc123 service.

Does Calc123 provide data entry forms?

Not at this stage.

Calc123 provides all the information that a reasonable web developer can use to create any necessary web pages.

How fast is Calc123?

Calc123 offers a high performance Excel calculation engine at its core.

Simple spreadsheet calculations can occur in less than a millisecond whilst complex calculations can take a few hundred milliseconds.

Calc123 is currently supporting a complex spreadsheet for transport rating that is more than 7.2MB in size. The average time to perform a calculation is less than 300 milliseconds.

Less Prospecting. More Business.

Sales & Marketing Managers

With just Excel and a little imagination, you can build inbound marketing solutions with unlimited retargeting potential.

IT & Operations Managers

Secure and highly-scalable SaaS with a simple REST API has been designed with flexibility and integration in mind.

Enterprise Business Managers

Powerful sales tools built inside Excel spreadsheets reduces costs of re-keying data and double-handling. 

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