Spreadsheet Management for IT & Operations with Calc123

Performance and Reliability

Your organisation's customers, partners and staff require immediate access to information and data.

You're chartered with delivering high-performing, 24x7 reliability globally and, when it comes to spreadsheet management in the enterprise, it's the same thinking that we applied when we designed Calc123.

From the ground up, Calc123 has been engineered to offer the highest levels of performance and availability to include;

  • Horizontally and vertically scalable, clustered calculation engines lends support to thousands of simultaneous users;
  • Transparent, self-diagnosis of faults and rapid recovery from failure; and
  • The proven ability to execute spreadsheet-based calculations in microseconds.

It means we recognise and understand the importance of instant access to data and have architected Calc123 to exceed current spreadsheet management platforms and perform beyond the capacity of many organisations today.

Spreadsheet Protection

Spreadsheets often contain intellectual property in the form of raw data and business logic.

Calc123 does not expose any data within the spreadsheet except that which is specifically required for display on the web form or exposed via a web service.

For example: pricing models and special customer discount calculations will remain hidden from the web service.

Your business' spreadsheets can only be uploaded via the Calc123 management console. The upload process requires user-level authorisation.

Automatic Spreadsheet Validation

Calc123 ensures that only validated spreadsheets are allowed to execute.

Whenever an updated spreadsheet is loaded, a set of test calculations are automatically executed. If the spreadsheet fails validation, it is not activated.

spreadsheet management console

Management Console

An integral part of any system is the management console. The Calc123 platform has a standard online management console allowing the business to:

  • Perform user management (within the business)
  • Upload/download spreadsheets (which are automatically version controlled)
  • Activate versions of spreadsheets
  • Perform advanced features (for data stored in database)
  • Run reports
  • Retrieve stored data

Spreadsheet Performance

While calculation rates are typically measured in calculations per second, some spreadsheets can be overly large and complex.

For this reason, each calculation engine can be configured with a predefined execution threshold to send an alert for assessment if calculations exceed this threshold.