Create an Automated System for Tapping into a New Booming Market, Getting More Leads Practically on Autopilot and Leverage Hands-off Client Fulfilment

Why Calc123?

It isn't always easy to recognise how much harder you are really working than you need to be. The signs may be hidden under a mountain of important things you need to get done ... and when customers call often, it can feel like you are busy and you may even think 'business is doing well'.

It's only when the Accountant tells you that the 'numbers don't look good' or you can't pay a bill that you may be forced to look deeper into what's really going on.

3 Proven Ways to Make More Money in Your Business

There are 3 proven ways to make more money in your business:

  1. Get more customers
  2. Raise your prices
  3. Sell more to existing customers

There's a reason getting more customers comes first ... because what good is raising your prices and selling more to existing customers if you don't have enough customers to begin with?

But how do you get customers consistently and reliably?

You get your customers deeper into your sales pipeline as quickly as you can.

Getting Your Clients into Your Sales Pipeline at the Right Stage

ConversionLeadership - inverted sales pipeline diagram

All customers start out as Problem Aware - they have a problem and don't know what to do about it. They may ask around to find out what friends and family have done in their situation; or more commonly will search on the Internet and find you.

This now makes the customer Solution Aware - they know that there are a number of different things they could pay for to get a solution. At this stage you're competing with your business rivals, other types of solutions and the possibility of doing nothing. You can think of this stage as being a visit to your website or social media presence - maybe signing up for something to download or phoning your sales team.

The Product Aware stage is where you really want your customers to come into your sales pipeline. They already know they have a problem and they understand the solution you offer. Now it's about price and benefits.

Quotes Get Customers Deeper into Your Sales Pipeline

Having customers request quotes takes them deeper into your sales pipeline - closer to that all important 'done deal'.

When your quoting process is you (or someone else) hand-writing up a quote, or typing something up in a document to post out ... when your quoting process is manual, it is understandable if you want more certainty from the customer that they are going to buy. That's a lot of time and effort on a 'maybe'!

An Automated System for Quoting

To create an automated system for getting more customers, that's practically on autopilot and hands-off ... 2 things are needed -

1. Consistent Results

To achieve consistent results you need a systematic way to warm up your prospects/customers that builds authority and trust.

That means every time the same quote gets requested, the pricing and conditions of purchase should be the same (unless you've got pricing that changes as fast as cryptocurrency values).

Distributing your quotes including any legal, compliance and financial support documentation in a professional 'package' with your branding and the same message for every one ... absolutely every time. Builds a reputation for being great at business - simply by providing consistent results.

2. A Scalable Process

To have a Scalable Process you need a process that requires as little time commitment as possible and for repeatable activities to be done by technology.

That means having an equation or formula for calculating prices to put in customer quotes. Knowing your costs, including surcharges, accounting for cost variation caused by your suppliers and building in profit margins. The things that most businesses already have in a spreadsheet to make life easier.

Using your spreadsheet with Calc123 means you can repeat your quoting process easily over and over again in much less time than it would take you to do it.

By having a way to correctly issue quotes easily, means you can quote more often to more people. No longer worried about putting in the time and effort to write up a quote for someone who may not buy. Getting out as many quotes as possible to pull customers deeper into your sales pipeline.

When you get systemised quoting, you can create whatever revenue growth you desire.

A Strong Strategy for Making More Money in Your Business

Creating an automated system for quoting lets you tap into new booming markets quickly and easily. It gets you more leads, practically on Autopilot, and helps you to take advantage of hands-off client fulfilment for quotes.

Automation for quoting is a strong strategy. One that is easy to systematise and automate with Calc123. It allows for both flexibility and business growth when other approaches fail!

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